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Reduce labour requirements through Lowpads. By implementing Lowpads into your processes, simple transport jobs can be automated enabling you to utilize your labour force more efficiently. 

Client Success

Royal Lemkes

At Royal Lemkes, we believe in data and digitalization. By investing in robots, we were able to build a state-of-the-art new distribution process that operates on a flat surface floor. The job market is tight, and the Lowpads can help us attain a more significant production capacity. Ultimately, we believe that technology and robots enable us to serve our clients much better and be ready for the future. 

Michiel van Veen
Director Supply Chain & Operations
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Suitable Lowpads for Horticulture

Lowpad M

Suitable for Danish CC trolleys and Pick carts

The Lowpad M is the ultimate mobile robot for pick carts and Danish CC trolleys. The Lowpad M is ultralow, only 128 mm high, and therefore suitable for load carriers with a minimum height between the cart and floor. Looking for an around the clock workforce?

Discover Lowpad M
Lowpad M

Why Lowpad

The ultimate autonomous mobile robot solution for horticulture

Lowpads can lift up to a few hundred kilograms and thus can take care of the heavy transport jobs increasing safety on the work floor and decreasing the room for error.

Through our Supervisor and Organiser, we offer visibility of your process through real-time insights and analytics. Automation enables the possibility to operate, monitor and control four processes around the clock seven days a week. Efficiency and reliability go hand in hand with Lowpad.   


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Goods to Person

Goods are retrieved from storage and autonomously transported by Lowpads to the operator that executes the picking.

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A to B transport

The Lowpads are very versatile meaning that they can implemented in numerous types movements. As the Lowpad can drive without any infrastructural changes required, they can automate simple transport jobs where goods have to be transported from point to point.

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