As a leading flower and plant supplier to French stores, Celdomy encountered the ongoing challenge of a limited labor market. In their pursuit of an innovative solution, Lowpad emerged as an ideal match. The result? A brand-new, efficient workflow that's reshaping the game for Celdomy.




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Goods to Person solution with Lowpad AMRs

A visionary approach has transformed Celdomy's logistics by implementing a large-scale AMR project incorporating 65 Lowpads. Covering 6,000 m2 area and using 660 Danish CC trolleys, this project is a perfect example of the power of ambition in turning challenges into opportunities. 

Celdomy integrated a Goods to Person solution with Lowpad AMRs and Actemium WMS/WCS. This strategic move not only addressed their labor challenges but also resulted in a new, more efficient workflow, allowing Celdomy to meet the demands of its clients with precision and speed. With the integration of Lowpads, human efficiency improved, and Lowpad also unlocked a new era of functionality and efficiency.

The flow of goods has become more streamlined, a constant cycle.

"Companies tend to be very reluctant about these kinds of projects. But many things will change in the future. Companies, especially in logistics, must make decisions that simplify processes and increase productivity and efficiency. You can only achieve that through automation and optimization as we did."

— Ron Fransen, Owner Celdomy

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