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Lowpad provides a reliable cloud-based software solution that empowers businesses to deploy and manage autonomous mobile robots. Our platform offers a secure and scalable infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with your existing programs and other services, ensuring hassle-free implementation and operation. With Lowpad, you can streamline your operations, improve productivity, and enhance your business’s bottom line.

Intuitive software

Our software platform is designed to help you achieve optimal results by considering multiple factors.

These include
  • Priority level of the assignment

  • Availability of AMRs

  • Distance to loading and unloading stations

  • AMR battery level

  • Upcoming jobs or assignments

Complete software solution


Integration Layer


The heart and brain of the operation, our system is fully customizable to meet your needs and optimize your workflow. It acts as the connection between your WMS/ERP and our Supervisor, ensuring seamless prioritization of upcoming tasks or assignments by effortlessly organizing them in our Supervisor.

Fleet Manager


The Supervisor acts as a traffic controller, dispatching assignments to a fleet of AMRs and continuously calculating the fastest routes to improve productivity. The system comes with a user interface, providing insight into your processes, workflow, and AMR system.

Always in control

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Get detailed insights and control into your inventory, load carriers, robots and more. Analyze the data to optimize your operations and make informed decisions that help drive your business forward. Gain a granular understanding of your resources and their performance to ensure you are always in control and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Implementable in any

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Lowpad’s World Editor is a powerful tool to create a warehouse environment to achieve maximum efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability. The editor allows to configure paths, strategically position loading and unloading stations, create precise maps of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), designate handover positions and charging stations, and incorporate fixed elements. This provides the foundation for advanced routing and sequencing, offering a complete view of warehouse operations and enabling precise planning of workflows and resource allocation.

This is what we stand for

The benefits of our software

Total solution

We offer a comprehensive solution that comes with integration capabilities to ensure seamless operation and compatibility across various systems.

Flexible API’s and integration

Flexible APIs facilitate integration, allowing systems to communicate efficiently and adapt to evolving requirements.

Dedicated team of software experts

Our in-house team of software experts is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

Powerful fleet management

Lowpads fleet management software enhances operational efficiency by offering real-time monitoring, precise control, and data-driven decision-making.

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