In a hypercompetitive market, where cost, availability of labour and flexibility must be balanced, Lowpad helps you achieve productivity and functionality.

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Looking for a flexible and easily scalable automation solution for your marshalling process? Take your marshalling to a whole new level. Embrace flexibility, speed, accuracy, safety and reduce deployment of hard-to-find personnel and related costs. We offer a fully automated process where Lowpads move your load carriers to the outbound area just before they are shipped. How we do this? We combine all input data, cut-off times and bay scheduling and convert it into tasks for your fleet of Lowpads. It results in more efficient use of available loading docks, a dynamic dock schedule and trucks that can be loaded faster and more efficiently.

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Fully automated process

We offer a fully automated marshalling solution that utilizes Lowpads to transport your load carriers to the outbound area at the exact time they are scheduled to be shipped. The load carriers are perfectly positioned in the right place and loading order, without human intervention. Our marshalling solution can help you streamline logistics operations and enjoy a smooth, stress-free shipping process.



Our marshalling solution is designed to be both flexible and scalable, allowing it to adapt to your business needs and grow alongside your business. Deployable without disrupting your current workflows or shutting down your warehouse. From the moment you start using our solution, you will notice a significant increase in productivity and efficiency.


Total solution

Our marshalling solution includes robots and fleet management software for hundreds of Lowpad AMR’s. Our software can be set up easily for your environment, ensuring maximum flexibility in your operations. It integrates seamlessly with your WMS/WCS or other applications and can be customized by our in-house software experts.

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