A to B transport

Enhance your A to B transport with Lowpad. Lowpads AMRs are designed to operate without any infrastructure modifications, making them ideal for automating simple transport tasks that require goods to be transported between two points.

A to B transport process

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Take your A to B transport to a whole new level.

One of the most significant advantages of implementing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for A to B transport within your facility is the automation of low-skilled and repetitive tasks. By deploying AMRs, you can free up your workforce to focus on more critical and higher-value tasks, while simultaneously reducing overall labor costs. Furthermore, AMRs enable you to minimize traffic throughout your facility, particularly in aisles, as opposed to manually driven forklifts. This is beneficial as it leads to improved safety, fewer accidents, reduced shrinkage, and higher throughputs.

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The benefits


Easy to deploy

Lowpad provides a simple solution for effectively moving goods from one place to another without modifying your existing environment. This solution is especially useful in environments where people need to cover long distances on foot, as it significantly improves workflow. With a quick and hassle-free implementation, Lowpad enhances overall operational efficiency, making it the perfect choice for streamlining the transportation process within your warehouse or facility.


Total solution

Our A to B solution includes robots and fleet management software for hundreds of Lowpad AMR’s. Our software can be set up easily for your environment, ensuring maximum flexibility in your operations. It integrates seamlessly with your WMS/WCS or other applications and can be customized by our in-house software experts.


Easily scalable

Our inbound solution is designed to be scalable, allowing it to adapt to your needs and grow alongside your business. It can be deployed without disrupting your current workflows or shutting down your warehouse. From the moment you start using our solution, you will notice a significant increase in productivity and efficiency.

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