Dynamic Zone Picking

How do you improve your picking efficiency by more than 40%? Our patented Dynamic Zone Picking solution reduces walking time and increases picking rates by integrating Lowpad AMRs into your picking process. Don’t let your inefficiencies hold you back; take control of your warehouse operations with the right solution.

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Dynamic Zone Picking

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More picking, less walking 

Take your picking operations to a whole new level. 

With Dynamic Zone Picking, order pickers focus on picking and less on overhead tasks such as traveling between picks, retrieving empty load carriers, and delivering full roll cages or pallets to the outbound locations. Separating order pickers and load carriers is the key factor contributing to this performance increase. Lowpads are responsible for transporting load carriers from an inbound location to a sequence of pick locations and finally to an outbound location. Meanwhile, order pickers are independently directed to meet the Lowpads at pick locations and to perform the picks. 

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Efficiency in motion 

The advantages of Dynamic Zone Picking

Zooming in on the process shows the benefits of pickers picking to any roll cage or pallet close by. They pick to different cages/pallets in their zone, transported individually by Lowpads. Their next pick might be with the same Lowpad and rollcage/pallet if the pick is within close range. Otherwise, the picker is directed to another pick location where another Lowpad and roll cage/pallet is already waiting.

Zooming out again, Lowpads create a demand for order pickers in certain areas of the warehouse. The Dynamic Zone Picking system dynamically adjusts to this demand by dynamically directing more pickers towards high-demand areas and reducing the order picker density in low-demand areas. The Dynamic Zone Picking process connects seamlessly to the marshalling process performed by the Lowpads, where finished load carriers are transported to the correct outbound docks.

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The benefits


40% productivity increase

Transform your picking process with Dynamic Zone Picking. Witness 40% productivity increase as our solution streamlines task allocation and boosts workflow. Uplift your operations, accomplish more with fewer resources, and welcome Lowpad AMRs as your new workforce.


Best fit for purpose

We provide top-notch retail solutions. Our expertise in the industry and robots with the best form factor for moving roll containers and pallets, make us the best choice for your business. Our dynamic zone picking software offers unparalleled solutions for picking and moving goods.


ROI of less than three years

Our Dynamic Zone Picking solution is the key to unlocking higher efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting productivity. With an unbeatable return on investment (ROI) within three years, investing in Lowpad means investing in your business's future success.

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