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Lowpad is dedicated to revolutionizing intralogistics through advanced autonomous mobile robot solutions. By combining Lowpad AMRs with our intelligent software, we’re empowering our customers to simplify their operations, enhance their logistics, and optimize their product movements and picking operations.

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Flexible warehouse automation solutions

At Lowpad, we are dedicated to redefining how goods are moved, stored, and managed. Our mission is to empower businesses to achieve new efficiency, accuracy, and competitiveness levels. Join us in shaping the future of material handling with our state-of-the-art autonomous solutions. Unlock your full potential and embrace the Lowpad advantages today.

Lowpad is on a mission to revolutionize the way goods are moved, stored, and managed. By empowering businesses with our flexible warehouse automation solutions, we strive to help them achieve unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and competitiveness. Join us as we shape the future of material handling and unlock your full potential with the Lowpad advantages today.

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Our 6 core values.


We build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves professionally and honestly. We’ve got your back.


We prioritize listening over speaking, as we believe great ideas can come from anyone. Sharing new and even unfinished ideas has led to game-changing innovations.


We strive for excellence with integrity, passion, and accountability. We say no when needed, focus on quality, and learn from feedback. Our mindset is positive.

Dream big

We are winners who strive for success, dream big and celebrate achievements. Our ambition drives us towards great heights.


We are not averse to change. Without change, we stand still. There’s always a way.

Long-term growth

Apart from brief moments of happiness, we don't believe in quick wins.

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