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ROI of less than three years 

Our Dynamic Zone Picking solution is the key to unlocking higher efficiency, reducing costs, improving ergonomics and boosting productivity. With an unbeatable return on investment (ROI) within three years, investing in Lowpad means investing in your business’s future success.

40% productivity increase

Transform your picking process with dynamic zone picking from Lowpad. Witness a whopping 40% productivity increase as our solution streamlines task allocation and boosts workflow. Uplift your operations, accomplish more with fewer resources, and welcome Lowpad AMRs as your new workforce.

Powered by Lowpad software

Lowpad offers a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to take charge of their warehouse operations. Our solution encompasses not just robots, but also intuitive software for fleets with hundreds of AMRs.

Our software can be set up easily for your environment, ensuring maximum flexibility in your operations. It integrates seamlessly with your WMS or applications and can be customized by our in-house software experts. We take pride in saying that our software is the smartest fleet manager software available, converting all data into dynamic routing and tasks. By providing you with a business intelligence dashboard, we help you stay in control by offering invaluable performance insights and real-time updates on your warehouse operations.

Best fit for purpose

We provide high-end retail logistics solutions. Our expertise in the industry and robots with the best form factor for moving roll containers and pallets, make us the best choice for your business. Our dynamic zone picking software offers unparalleled solutions for picking and moving goods.

Flexible and scalable 

Lowpad offers a flexible and scalable solution that allows businesses to balance investments with demand. This scalability empowers clients to introduce high levels of automation without excessive upfront investments, seamlessly aligning efficiency with operational needs. 

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