Lowpad webinar live in one hour

In just one hour the Lowpad webinar will be live broadcasted. We are looking forward meeting you soon.

Join the webinar by clicking on the following link:

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by commenting in YouTube.

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Instead of trade fair visits: Lowpad launches live webinar ‘Rethinking’ is currently a key approach in many industries where customer contact is generally essential. Instead of participating in many trade fairs through the year, we are looking for new ways to stay in touch with you. That’s why we initiated to organize a Lowpad webinar on October 30th.
Sneak peek Lowpad premises Our new premises already look promising from the outside. We can’t wait to show you the inside with offices, a Lowpad testing area and a brand-new experience center. Within a few weeks we expect to move into our premises.
Lowpad webinar Join our webinar where we will reveal you the latest developments and inform you about interesting automation solutions for marshalling, crossdocking, order picking and A-to-B transport.