March 2024

Dynamic Zone Picking

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Hereby we introduce you to our Dynamic Zone Picking solution. Increase your picking rate, and boost your productivity with a whopping 40%, with a ROI of less than three years.  With Dynamic Zone Picking, order pickers focus on picking and less on overhead tasks such as traveling between picks, retrieving empty load carriers, and marshalling full roll cages or pallets to the outbound locations. Separating order pickers from pick runs is the key success factor.Don't let your inefficiencies hold you back; significantly increase productivity with Dynamic Zone Picking from Lowpad.

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July 2024

Collaboration with Conway

We are excited to announce our recent collaboration with Conway -The Convenience Company België N.V.

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June 2024

Customer story Home Bargains

Watch the Home Bargains customer story. Lowpad implemented a fully automated marshalling solution at Home Bargains, featuring 91 Lowpads, 36 handover locations (21 fully automated), all managed by the Lowpad fleet manager software.

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