Customer story: Edwin van der Ham (Montapacking)

We are proud of the Lowpad solution we have offered to Montapacking. Edwin van der Ham, owner of Montapacking is a satisfied customer excited by the business opportunities of our solutions and the endless possibilities when it comes to automation.

Montapacking is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands. Montapacking is a highly technology-driven company, providing logistics for more than 1,400 webshops.

In his search for the ideal automation solution, Edwin discovered the Lowpad. “Unlike many other robotic systems on the market, the Lowpad system is highly flexible and scalable. No modifications to our existing warehouses are needed.”

For Montapacking, we have provided a seamless integration between Lowpad Supervisor software and MontaWMS, the Warehouse Management System developed by the e-commerce company itself.

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