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The Lowpad is an unique high-tech solution to optimize internal logistic and distribution processes in a wide range of companies. It is equipped with independent driven steering wheels and a multifunctional Lidar camera system in order to operate autonomously. The Lowpad can be operated without any modifications to the existing infrastructure. 

Meet the Lowpad Family

Since different models are available and can work in conjunction with each other, the Lowpad is suitable for many applications where product variability, delivery time and efficiency are key.

Lowpad Small

Suitable for small dollies, post carts and roll containers


Lowpad Medium

Suitable for trolleys, racks and tools


Lowpad Large

Suitable for pallets, movable racks, roll containers and tools


Lowpad Fork

Suitable for pallets, movable racks and roll containers


Lowpad Specials

Customized Lowpads for special applications


Discover the functions

The Lowpad is a unique mobile robot which distinguishes itself from other system by its unique characteristics.

Ultralow robot

The Lowpad is the lowest autonomous mobile robot available on the market.

20% storage increase

Compared to traditional systems, Lowpad offers a storage increase up to 20%.

Collaborative robot

The Lowpad works safely with people due to its certified safety scanners.

Omnidirectional driving

All wheel steering gives the Lowpad the ability to move in any required direction.

Suitable robot for each job

A mix of different Lowpad models can work simultaneously in one warehouse.

Camera positioning and surround scan system

Camera combined with lidar technology for accurate positioning and safety protection.

Automatic order picking

Manual and automatic order picking at the same time and place.

Regenerate energy

The Lowpad regenerates energy when it slows down.

In-house developed software

The software is developed in-house, which guarantees our customers a high-quality combination of the Lowpad with software that meets their needs.

How can we support you?

The Lowpad fits in many different environments where logistic movements take place.

Within the Lowpad family are several models available which can handle different load carriers and are suitable for other applications. If you are dealing with many logistic movements, we would like to investigate the implementation of the Lowpad for your specific situation.

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