Intuitive fleet manager software for
a fleet of hundreds of AMRs

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Optimize your internal transportation with a fleet of Lowpads and intuitive software.

Eliminate bottlenecks and downtime with 24/7 mobile robot operation throughout your facility. Whether you’re just getting started to delve into mobile robots or an enterprise challenged with managing a fleet of AMRs, Lowpad has the operations platform to support your needs now and in the future. Contact us to discuss your project and get a demo of our software.


A detailed view of your facility, robots and devices on the map


An overview of the assignments that have been assigned to the Lowpads. Paths are calculated by a path search algorithm ensuring optimal routes.

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Load carriers

View a list of all connected loads, including status, details, and settings

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Real time view of all robots including each robot's status, details, and settings

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Monitor robot status and visualize performance metrics


Manage customized settings for robots, loads, and additional equipment


View system warnings, errors and abnormalities and displays these in the corresponding functionality


Lowpads are directed to the nearest-by charging station when the set threshold of loading percentage is reached.

How it works


Configure vehicle's parameters


Create the Lowpad map


Define routes and points-of-interest


Activate Supervisor


Connect Organiser


Test the project

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