Lowpad Supervisor has been developed as a standard software solution to manage the Lowpads, Warehouse grids, and job execution.

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Supervisor comes standard with a Lowpad implementation. It consists of several features.

Software specs

FLEET MANAGERFleet manager provides, amongst others, an overview of the Lowpads and their type in the system.

WAREHOUSE MANAGERWarehouse manager entails the determination of the warehouse grid based on the physical layout.

DISPATCHERDispatcher offers an overview of the tasks that have been assigned to the Lowpads. Paths are calculated by a path search algorithm ensuring optimal routes.

UNIT MANAGEMENTUnit management indicates the storage position and the content of the units.

ALERTSThis feature reports system warnings, errors and abnormalities and displays these in the corresponding functionality.

INTEGRATION LAYERSupervisor includes a standard integration layer (API) for data exchange with WMS/WCS/ERP/MES.

BATTERY MANAGEMENTBattery management entails that Lowpads are directed to the nearest-by charging station when the set threshold of loading percentage is reached.

Other software


Custom integration layer. Integration on ERP, WMS or WCS level.

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