Software services

We are highly committed to support our customers.

Therefore, we offer our customers several additional services which complements our proposal and ensures you an easy integration of the Lowpad and other logistic systems in your environment.

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Our software services

Consultancy services

Implementing a Lowpad system is not simply achieved by shipping AGV’s and a software installer. The process requires a project-oriented scope for technical, software, and integration aspects.

To support its customers, Eurotec has its own team of project managers, consultants, and developers. You as a customer have all the specific knowledge of your business at hand; what we bring to the table is in-depth knowledge of logistic workflows and integration technology. Our consultants and professionals are the key to success.

Periodic framework upgrades

Because Supervisor is built on a common framework, we can offer a continuous upgrade package. These upgrade packages are extremely important to support the current web browsers and keep up to speed with the latest security requirements.

Using this service, Eurotec guarantees a functioning framework during upgrades of standard browsers and other related Microsoft software upgrades. This package will also ensure resources in case of a governmental software change.

Support & helpdesk

Our support department is also responsible for the implementation of our products. This keeps us informed about every detail of your project.

We can offer a wide range of helpdesk possibilities, including an advanced 'Issue Tracking system', which enables the customer to track the incidents reported in real time.

We support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote application management services

Eurotec can offer 'remote application management'. Eurotec has a wide range of remote tools which can monitor your software, enabling our service desk to manage your software from a distance. The service even includes a periodic visit to the site if desired.

Using this service, Eurotec will fulfil a great part of your application management. The great advantage of this is a reduction in the costs of application management.

Other software and customisation

Although the development of the Lowpad is what initiated the foundation of Eurotec, our activities are not limited to the Lowpad only. We can develop specialised software solutions that add value to your existing operations and systems.

Using our customisation services, we are able to fill in the missing link between a standard software package and a package tailored to the needs of your own company. We understand your way of working, and can adapt to it in the most efficient way.