Organiser works as a process control system and is a project-oriented software solution intended as an integration system between Supervisor and the customer’s warehouse management system or ERP

It will also integrate other subsystems (e.g. weighing and scanning) in a completely automated environment. The flexible framework of Organiser works on software plug-ins. An event handler will process internal and external triggers to either push moves to Supervisor or collect data from subsystems and send feedback to the warehouse management system. Organiser has its own database to store workflow and (temporary) external data.

In addition, Organiser is equipped with an intelligent mechanism which will combine all relevant data that the Organiser collects from the connected (sub)systems, such as planning data, preconfigured parameters, warehouse locations, and real-time changes. All of this data will be analyzed and converted into an events/tasks planning which will be carried out by the Lowpads in an optimal sequence. The combination of Supervisor and Organiser will ensure an adaptive process including optimization of the automated warehouse process.

Depending on the automation capabilities of the customer’s warehouse management system, Organiser can be an optional module, a limited feature, or a complete part of the AGV installation.


Organiser architecture

“Organiser can be an optional module, a limited feature, or a complete part of the AGV installation.”