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March 2024

TJ Morris (Home Bargains) invests in 91 Lowpads to automate roll cage marshalling process

TJ Morris (Home Bargains) invests in 91 Lowpads to automate roll cage marshalling processFor their site in Amesbury, TJ Morris has entrusted Lowpad with the last piece of automation, marshalling the roll cages to the docks. “After reviewing the marketplace for suitable AGVs we chose Lowpad because of their unique ability to handle fully-loaded retail-store roll cages and the simplicity of implementation their solution offers” Joe Morris states.

✅ 91 Lowpads will automate the transport of roll cages from the automated order picking system to the 40 docks.

 ✅ This 24/7 operation will be managed by Lowpad's in-house developed marshalling software, where the roll containers will be transported in front of the docks in the correct shop destination sequence. 

✅ Apart from the Lowpads and their in house developed fleet control software package, Lowpad also provides several handover stations to facilitate the transfer from the roll cages from elevators and the order pick trucks to the Lowpads.

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May 2024

Join us at Logistics & Automation trade show

The Logistics & Automation trade show in Dortmund is next week in full swing and we're ready! Please drop by our booth (E16-4) on 15 and 16 May. We look forward telling you all about our innovative solutions consisting of state-of-the-art AMRs paired with intuitive software.

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News & events
April 2024

How to transform your manual logistics process into a fully automated one?

Warehouse managers who embrace the shift from manual operations to fully automated systems are taking a great step forward. With Lowpad, there’s no need to worry about the transition from manual to automated systems. We offer an effective, flexible automation solution that reduces concerns and provides guidance.

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