Lowpad Large

The Lowpad Large is most suitable for auction carts and moveable racks.

The Lowpad Large is, just like the Lowpad Medium, a smart mobile robot in an ultra-low chassis. It complements the Lowpad Family with its own unique characteristics. The Lowpad Large has a lifting capacity of 650 kg, is even wider than the Lowpad Medium and because of its minimum height, highly suitable for auction carts and moveable racks.

Technical specs

Maximum speed
1 - 1.5 m/s
Charging time
1 - 2 hours
Lifting height
40 mm
Battery capacity
24 Volt, 31 AH
Lifting capacity
650 kg
800 x 1075 mm
Driving time
5 - 8 hours
120 mm

The Lowpad Large is
highly suitable for:


Technical highlights

Built-in long life battery

Charging of partly discharged batteries is permitted

WIFI communication

Vehicle track-and-trace with multiple sensors

Lidar assisted collision prevention

No floor-related infrastructure is required

Smart, camera-supported target approach

Lowpad Large in action

Hybrid order picking

The Lowpad offers automatic and manual order collection at the same time and place. Thanks to its certified safety scanners and human path following technology the Lowpad works safely with people.

Goods to person technology

The Lowpads are moving the products directly to the workstations. This improves order picking efficiency up to 70 percent. Customized, dynamic acceleration and speed limits guarantee the best handling based on the specifications of your goods. 


Omnidirectional driving

All wheel steering gives the Lowpad Large the ability to move in any required direction.

No adjustments needed to your environment 

The Lowpad is computer controlled. It communicates via a Warehouse Control System and offers a dynamic routing and re-routing, depending on different inputs and circumstances. 

20% storage increase

The Lowpad Large has an ultra-low chassis which offers a storage increase up to 20% compared to traditional systems.

Easy integration into existing systems

The Lowpad can be seamlessly integrated into the customers' ERP system.

Scalable and flexible system

The modular system is scalable and fits into existing environments.

Peak management

Its easy to scale up your operations to process a large amount of orders effectively.

High flexibility with regard to system adaptations and expansions 

The software has been developed in-house, which makes it possible to make customer-specific adjustments.

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