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With the rise of e-commerce, the role of setting standards has shifted from seller to consumer. The market is competitive, and the demands are more challenging. 

Lowpad offers a range of solutions for all types of logistical processes. Transform your warehouse management with Lowpads and increase the operational efficiency in your processes. Decrease your costs, increase your efficiency, and empower your organization with a futureproof flexible system.

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Montapacking is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands. They provide logistics for over 1,400 webshops. In his search for the ideal automation solution, Edwin discovered the Lowpad. “Unlike many other robotic systems on the market, the Lowpad system is highly flexible and scalable. No modifications to our existing warehouses are needed.”

Edwin van der Ham
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Suitable Lowpads for E-commerce

Lowpad S

Suitable for Roll cages and Carts

The Lowpad S is the perfect automation solution for (food) distribution centres and post and parcel companies. Robust and safe AMRs to transport roll cages. Our Lowpads enable you to optimize your performance through increased insights, accuracy and better utilization of scarce human resources.

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Lowpad L

Suitable for Moveable racks, Trolleys and Tools

The Lowpad L is the perfect automation solution for moveable racks, trolleys and tools. Reliable and safe AMRs to enable you to keep pace with the dynamic e-commerce and parcel market.

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Why Lowpad

The ultimate autonomous mobile robot solution for e-commerce

The small footprint, height, omnidirectional and floor camera-based driving make the Lowpads the most manoeuvrable and adaptable AMRs on the market. They fit underneath your existing roll cages/pallets and are, as a brownfield application, a flexible and easily implementable solution.

The Lowpads can be applied to all types of processes, from simple A to B transport to picking applications. Through integration of Lowpad Supervisor and Lowpad Organiser and your ERP or WMS, real-time insights and efficiency can be realised through intelligent task planning.



Goods to Person

Goods are retrieved from storage and autonomously transported by Lowpads to the operator that executes the picking.

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Dynamic Zone Picking

Operators are allocated to a dynamic zone where they pick all SKUs in their area. Lowpads transport the pick runs and Lowpad Organiser software calculates the most efficient task planning for the operators.

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A to B transport

The Lowpads are very versatile meaning that they can implemented in numerous types movements. As the Lowpad can drive without any infrastructural changes required, they can automate simple transport jobs where goods have to be transported from point to point.

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