About Eurotec

Eurotec, member of Eurogroep, is an international operating industrial company dedicated to the development, production and sales of high-tech equipment solutions for logistics.

Within the group, Eurotec can draw from a broad experience of already developed equipment. This provides an important contribution for customers to facilitate the development of processes. This combination results in high-tech equipment that supports and optimizes customer business processes. It makes Eurotec a target oriented and highly reliable partner.

Eurotec specializes in the development and production of:

  • High-quality robotic equipment for value added logistic processes like mobile robots for warehouse & logistic solutions and order fulfilment.
  • Special custom-made automation solutions.

“We want to make a lasting impact on intralogistics in such a way that it will never be the same anymore. ”

Our global services:

Installation and ramp up

Eurotec focusses on: on time and efficient installations, a process specialist assistance during ramp up of the Lowpad and engagement in training of operator and maintenance staff.

Online support

The Lowpad stands for high quality and reliability. However, even the best equipment need support once in a while when complex tasks are at hand or a problem occurs.

On site service

Eurotec offers customer specific trainings, application and process support, preventive maintenance and trouble shooting.

Spare parts

Eurotec provides short reaction times for the delivery of spare parts.

Process support and training

During and after the implementation of the Lowpad we offer various training programms to provide you with knowledge which can improve uptime, yield and cost of ownership.

Member of Eurogroep

Eurogroep is an international industrial corporation devoted to the development, production, and sales of high-tech industrial equipment for companies that are active in logistics, solar and horticulture.

The group’s subsidiaries, strengthen each other with their unique technical knowledge and developed equipment. A combination that results in high-tech equipment with the best handling and vision techniques available for your process.